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Women’s History Month

The Penn State Karate Club celebrated its 50th anniversary in January of 2022.

In March of 1972, the PSKC became affiliated with Sensei Stuart A. Dorow and Sensei Carol A. Liskai. For the next 28 years, Sensei Dorow and Sensei Liskai would travel from Oklahoma each semester to provide free instruction to the students of the PSKC.

While in the U.S. Marine Corps, Dorow and Liskai studied in Okinawa with the founder of Isshinryu Karate, Tatsuo Shimabuku, Judan (10th Dan). Major Liskai had a distinguished career. As an undergrad, she won several trophies competing on the Ohio State Woman’s Judo Team. Liskai learned Karate while stationed at Camp Smith, Hawaii. During a visit to Okinawa Liskai was evaluated by Master Shimabuku. She was the first and only woman to be directly promoted by Master Shimabuku to the rank of Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt) in Isshinryu Karate. In 1970 as a first 1st Lt., Liskai won top honors at the Seattle Open Karate Championships,which at the time was one of the largest tournaments in the world. By the time of her death in 2005, Liskai had achieved Hachidan (8th Dan)

The Penn State Karate club is grateful for Sensei Liskai’s many years of help and guidance. She continues to be an excellent roll model for all our students.


Isshin Ryu 一心流 can be translated as the One Heart Way. Grandmaster Tatsuo Shimabuku gave his style this name on January 15, 1956.

Everything begins with one. A person’s heart is the most important part.

Take your first step and join us on Wednesdays at 10PM in 232 HUB.

Join Us For A Late-Night Karate Class

Starting on Wednesday, February 9th, the PSKC is adding a late-night Wednesday class. It starts at 10PM in room 232 HUB. Room 232 is on the end nearest to the HUB parking deck.

We’re looking for 50 new students to join the PSKC during its 50th anniversary!

° Wear clothing comfortable for exercising OR wear your Karate gi if you have one.
° Remove jewelry and watches beforehand.
° A mask covering nose & mouth is required, KN95 type recommended.
° Keep hydrated throughout the day, bring your own water bottle.
° Remove shoes upon entering the room (dojo).

Contact club president Dalal Malallah for registration and participation waiver information.

Happy Lunar New Year!

2022 is Year of the Tiger 虎.

The first line of Isshin Ryu’s Karate Code is:
A person’s heart is the same as heaven and earth.

Earth is represented by the Tiger and it appears in headdress of Isshin Ryu’s Goshujin-Sama. As the Tiger rises out of the water, may its strength and braveness bring prosperity in the coming year!

The dragon represents Isshin Ryu founder Tatsuo Shimabuku 島袋 龍夫, fighting spirit, and occupies the heavens.

Happy Little New Year! Happy 50th PSKC!

The ソグワチグワ Soguwachiguwa was a 3 day celebration beginning with the full moon in January.  Okinawans would pay tribute to 歳徳神 Toshitokujin, a Shinto Kami of agriculture, seeking good fortune for their crops in the coming year. When the Gregorian Calendar was adopted, January 15th became the day that Soguwachiguwa was observed.

In 1956 on the occasion of ソグワチグワ Soguwachiguwa (Okinawan dialect) / 小正月 Koshogatsu (Japanese), the Little New Year, Master Shimabuku called a special meeting at his home & dojo in Chan village to announce a new name for his unique style of Okinawan Karate. Previously, his style had been called as Chan Migwa Te (in the late 40s) and later Su Nu Su (early 50s).  He chose “Isshin Ryu” because “all things begin with one, and the heart is the most important part. Isshin Ryu is the One Heart Way/Method.

Traditionally, the Coming Of Age Day, Seijin-no-Hi, was also celebrated on January 15th. It’s the mark of entering adulthood. You could say that Master Shimabuku’s Karate entered its adulthood at this time and emerged as Isshin Ryu Karate.

Like an Okinawan Hibiscus, Master Shimabuku’s Karate bloomed as “Isshin Ryu” on that January day in 1956.  Seeds of Isshin Ryu have since been carried on the winds across the oceans and around the globe. 

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In January of 1972, Sensei Sutton planted one of those seeds at Penn State and established the Penn State Karate Club.  With help from Sensei Dorow & Sensei Liskai, PSKC developed strong roots. PSKC celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

2022 PSU Physical Activities Waiver

For students participating in club activities, like Karate, Penn State requires completion of a waiver form, available online.

Get a jump on Spring 2022 by completing your Karate waiver in advance. On the waiver form, use Penn State Karate Club and Dalal Malallah as the club President.

This waiver is good for the entire academic year.