Monthly Archives: November 2021

Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your service!

Veterans brought Isshin Ryu Karate back to the U.S. when they returned from overseas following WWII. They passed on the value of what they learned from Master Tatsuo Shimabuku. Penn State Karate Club benefited for many years from instruction provided by Sensei Liskai and Sensei Dorow, both U.S. Marines that trained under Master Tatsuo Shimabuku. Many of our Penn State Karate Club instructors and students are serving now, or have served in the past, in all branches of service.

We thank you for service and sacrifices.

Dress For The Weather

Last night, we had our first taste of mid-30°F temps (about 2°C) of the season outside. A good Karate workout will keep you warm. Layer up appropriately for the weather. Bring along gloves and hat that you can use if needed.

PSU Physical Activities Waiver Form

For students participating in club activities, like Karate, Penn State requires completion of a waiver form, available online.

Please complete the necessary form if you haven’t already done so. You can also complete the waiver in advance, if you’re considering Karate for the Spring. On the waiver form, use Penn State Karate Club and Dalal Malallah as the club President.

This waiver is good for the entire academic year.