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Master Shimabuku’s 110th Birthday!


Over a century ago, in the small village of Chan, on a small island in the south pacific, a boy was born. One day he would become a Karate Master whose art would reach beyond the shores of Okinawa and spread across the globe.

“Dragon Man” of Isshin Ryu, Shimabuku Tatsuo Sensei
(September 19, 1908 – May 30, 1975)

Karate Fitness Class – Registration Open

Isshin Ryu Karate will be offered at University Park campus this fall as part of the Penn State Campus Recreation’s Fitness & Wellness instructional fitness classes.  Registration is now open.  There is a cap of 40 students for the fall semester.

The Isshin Ryu instructional fitness class registration is open to all Penn State students, and faculty/staff/community-members with Penn State Recreation Memberships*.  You must be registered for the class to participate.  Remember to bring your PSU ID or Recreation Membership pass.  No previous experience is required.

This 90min class meets on in IM Bldg on Tues/Thurs/Sun.  Tues 7:30-9:00pm, Thurs 8:30-10pm in Rm 7, and Sun 7:30-9:00pm in the Room15 (mat room).  Tentative start date 9/25.


Isshin Ryu Karate was primarily spread to the U.S. by members of the armed forces stationed in Okinawa after WWII.  Isshin Ryu founder Master Tatsuo Shimabuku welcomed anyone that was sincerely interested in learning his  style of Karate.  The Penn State Karate Club was fortunate to be generously helped by two such service members:  decorated Vietnam Veteran Captain Stuart Dorow USMC and Major Carol Liskai USMC.  Sensei Dorow was one of the first to earn the rank of 9th Dan – Hanshigo in Isshin Ryu, and Sensei Liskai was the first woman to achieve 8th Dan – Kiyoshigo in Isshin Ryu.  Sensei Liskai has the additional distinction of being one of only two women known to train with Master Tatsuo Shimabuku and was the only woman to ever be promoted to 3rd Dan by Master Tatsuo Shimabuku himself.  Master Shimabuku passed away May 30th, 1975.  Sensei Dorow and Liskai passed away in 2000 and 2005, respectively.  All students of our associated Karate clubs dedicate their continuing training to the memory of Sensei Dorow and Sensei Liskai.