Masters Symposium & Tournament One Month Away!

A reminder for everyone about the 2022 All Isshinryu National Championship &
Masters Symposium is just a month away.

It’s a two day event with seminars on various topics: techniques, kobudo, kumite, history, bunkai, self-defense, etc. Each Master will present their seminar material twice. Saturday morning will offer seminars for children. A competition rules practical seminar covering international rules will also be presented. The All Isshinryu Championship will begin at 1:00pm on Saturday.

Hosted by: Hanshi B. Marcum, Hanshi R. Marcum, Sensei M. Wilkenson & Sensei K. Kramer
Date: Seminars on Friday, 9/30/2022 and Seminars & Tournament on 10/1/2022
Location: French Creek YMCA, 2010 Recreation Road, Avon, Ohio 44011