What Kind of Karate Gi Should You Get?

The Karate Gi is part of your traditional training equipment. It can provide valuable feedback on your techniques. A well cared for Gi will last for years. Some things to look for when Gi shopping.

100% cotton
White top & bottom (Solid, no stripes or other colours, avoid embroidered brand logos)
Traditional Karate cut
Drawstring on Gi pants
12oz or heavier (Needs to be durable and no see-thru when you start sweating)

Belts are not included with the gi. A white belt meeting these specs should be ordered with the uniform:

100% cotton preferred (ties better than cotton/polyester mixes)
White (solid, no stripes)

There are many vendors and brands out there. Below are just two example vendor options for the correct style Gi & Obi. If the page opens displaying a black Gi, please make sure to switch to the white Gi option.



Century Martial Arts:


You may find other vendors online. The Gi you choose should adhere to the specs listed above. Avoid the cheap light-weight Gi.

There are also higher quality traditional Karate uniforms available, but these may cost several hundred dollars. Make a Gi investment that is within your budget.

Pay attention to sizing charts provided on the vendor websites. Sizes may different from one brand to another, just like shoes. It is better to go a little bigger than too small. You Gi should be a little roomy and not restrict movement. Also, a 100% cotton Gi will shrink after washing/drying, unless it is described as pre-shrunk. If arms and legs are too long, they can be hemmed.