Shimabuku Embu Tai Kai

Isshin Ryu founder Tatsuo Shimabuku was born on September 19th, 1908.  In honour of Master Shimabuku’s birthday, the Penn State Karate Club is holding a special martial arts demonstration (Embu Tai Kai) on Sunday the 20th at 7:30PM in 106 White Building.  Admission is free.  After the demonstration, audience members are invited to participate in some self-defense drills.

Shimabuku EmbuTaiKai 2015 Handout

Welcome to Fall Semester 2015!

PSKC will have a dojo open-house with demos, audience participation, and new member sign-ups during the first week of the semester.

* 7PM in room 106 White Building on Tuesday(25th), Thursday(27th) & Sunday (30th)

Membership is open to all Penn State students, faculty and staff.  No previous experience required.

Look for our table at the Involvement Fair on Monday(24th) & Tuesday(25th) in Heritage Hall at the HUB, between 11-4pm.