Phase 4 & Karate Summer Sessions

Penn State Student Activities has outlined four phases that will provide guidance for activities moving toward greater in-person engagement, while adhering to government mandates, following virus progression, and maintaining compliance with safety measures on campus.

We are now in the fourth phase, which will focus on the continued expansion of in-person activities with a strong emphasis on outdoor activities while the weather permits.

All in-person activities will be required to follow Penn State COVID-19 guidelines.  

Our outdoor Karate practices this summer will begin on Wednesday, July 7th and run through August 13th. Stay hydrated throughout the day and bring your own water to all sessions. For the time being, we will practice at a 2m distance from each other. Weather permitting, we will meet in the evenings when temperatures are cooler:
Wednesdays – 7:15PM – HUB Lawn
Fridays – 7:15PM – Old Main Lawn