Equipment Order and More!

Hello Everyone,

Just a reminder that I am putting the equipment order in Wednesday morning. If you plan on ordering anything from AWMA or Jukado, (I’ve listed the websites below), please let me know by Tuesday night during workout at the absolute latest.

Also, in celebration of the 57th anniversary of the naming of Isshinryu, on Tuesday January 15th, we will be going to Home Delivery after workout.

Being that it is the beginning of the semester, there are many important dates coming up, I’ve listed most of them below.

January 15th – Equipment order deadline and Isshinryu Naming Day Anniversary Dinner
January 26th or 17th – Demo at Setsucon (not sure of the exact day or time, but we’ll let you know when we know)
February 2nd – Seminar in Virginia with Sensei Sutton
February 9th – S’no Big Deal 5.8 Mile Run at Colyer Lake
March 16th – Spring 2013 Test Seminar and social afterwards
April 6th – Young’s Tournament
April 21st – Beaver Stadium 5K Run
April ?? – Spring PSKC Picnic (TBD)

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.